Picture of the House and grounds

Is CSA For You?

In a CSA you will know your farmer and where your food comes from. This direct relationship to your food and its grower re-establishes the trusting relationships of small town communities. Buying local and direct is important in a time when big business is taking over the little guys. In a CSA, you are part of the farm. You help nurture it, with your funds, your support, and your efforts. You feel the effects of a dry spell, and the bounty from a good season. Your food is garden fresh, without the time commitment of growing a large garden. You meet other people in the fields, who also delight in what the box of vegetables and herbs will bring to their tables this week. And at our CSA, you hear good music too!

House in the Woods is the farm for you if…

…you would delight in the variety of veggies that comes in your weekly share box. You may find striped tomatoes or purple kohlrabi amongst the more recognizable produce. We are growing as many heirloom varieties as possible and prioritizing taste over looks. Explore the possibilities of interesting vegetables and new recipes!

…you are looking for a farm experience. We seek folks who think farm participation will be fun, not a burden. It is a great way to learn more about gardening, and to teach your kids where their food comes from. We love the spirit at our CSA Farm Hands Days. It energizes us and our membership. Those who are not interested in helping on the farm will be happier with a different CSA or a Farmers Market.

…you would like to eat seasonally and locally during the summer. There is nothing like farm fresh produce that has travelled ZERO Food Miles* to get to you. Produce straight from the farm that hasn't travelled for a week and ripened in a box and sat waiting for you on a shelf...you get it. Its going to taste better and juicier and fresh...because it is. You will be happiest in our CSA if this inspires you, and if you would like to eat more produce within its local harvest season.

…you are excited to support a local farm directly. CSA is a great way to support sustainable agriculture and preserve farmland in your community!

We hope this helps you make an educated choice. Please talk to us about whether CSA might work for you!

*What are Food Miles? Food miles is a term which refers to the distance food is transported from the time of its production until it reaches the consumer. It is one dimension used in assessing the environmental impact of food. The concept of food miles originated in 1990 in the United Kingdom. It was conceived by Andrea Paxton, who wrote a research paper that discussed the fact that food miles are the distance that food travels from the farm it is produced on to the kitchen in which it is being consumed (Iles, 2005, p.163). Engelhaupt (2008) states, that “food miles is the distance food travels from farm to plate, are a simple way to gauge food’s impact on climate change” (p. 3482). Food travels between 1, 500 to 2,500 miles every time that it is delivered to the consumer. The travel of products from the farms to the consumers is 25 percent farther now than it was in 1980 (“Counting our food miles,” 2007). SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_miles