Picture of the House and grounds

Our Sustainable Growing Practices

We are Certified Organic by the USDA.

We have a mission to provide our community with healthy produce grown on healthy soil. We are committed to growing high quality produce as nature intended--free of synthetic chemicals and sustainable to the land. We employ natural fertilizers, crop rotations and proactive strategies to grow strong plants and prevent diseases and pests, with sustainable stewardship of the land.

To grow as nature intended, the soil needs to be a healthy ecosystem, strong enough to fight off bugs and problems. We nurture the soil with rich living soil compost and by growing "green manure" cover crops between crop seasons. We have a rotation design so that a different crop is grown the following season to confuse the bugs and give the ground a rest.

Our thoughts on bugs...Know them. Keep them off. Take them off. Trick them.
KNOW THEM. There are good ones and bad ones. Know the difference. Get down on the ground and check em out and learn about them.
KEEP THEM OFF. Row cover is often our trick, especially for flying insects that lay eggs on plants or chew leaves.
TAKE THEM OFF. If the bugs do take over—picking off bugs, spray with soap or pepper spray, trap crops, moving location of succession. Squish them or put them in a cup of soap water.
TRICK THEM--Crop rotation—tricks the bugs, while balancing the soil.